micro:bit Project 1: Gesture Recognition

Difficulty Level


Part List:

l 1xGrove - Gesture

l 1xGrove Shield for micro:bit

l 1xmicro:bit


Thegesture sensor can recognize 9 different gestures, in this demo, you will learnhow to display the recognized gesture name on micro:bit.


1.    Ifyou have added the Grove Package successfully, Add block onGesture, choose “Right”, then add basic block show string, amendthe word to “Right”

2.    Addanother block on Gesture, choose Left, then add basic block show string,amend the word to “Left”.

3.    Addanother 2 block on Gesture, choose forward and backward. Then choose basicblock showarrow, then choose “North” and “South”.

4.    Hardwareconnection: Connect the Grove - Gesture to I2C port of Grove shield for Micro:bit

5.    Click Download andtransfer your code in your micro:bit.

6.    Useyour hand to make different gesture in front of the gesture sensor and see ifthe micro:bit can show the exact gesture you are doing.

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