#idea voice control explorable computer

I want to create a device which is not only controllable by voice but also programmable.

Would probably start with something like the MT2502/rephone/linkit one. The device would include a speaker and microphone as well as bluetooth or headset jack for getting sound in and out.

For software I would try to pare down a voice synth such as espeak or maybe get real crazy and use something like SAM (Software Activated Mouth).

For voice recognition I would try to port pocketsphinx or if I had to use a cloud service.

Normal siri/alexa/google now voice control of course would be available but there would also be a programming/debugging option where the device could read code or mention interesting log events and you could talk the computer through changing code, testing, reverting changes, etc...

As a special challenge maybe there would be a machine language mode in which you could enter machine language codes with a series of clapping or other primitive noises... kind of like morse code dot dot dash dash might be 0 0 1 1 which might be a branch 0 instruction aka infinite loop.

The idea is to make something that is everyday useful as most objects are but then also nearly infinitely explorable and modifyable as an object itself.

Craig ComstockJul 22,2016 09:30 AMAdd Comment


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