A Review of the SDRplay RSP2 by The Utility DXers Forum

by junjia.chen11-08-2017


SDRPlay Radio Spectrum Processor 2I've previously reviewed the RTL SDR V3 8bit USB Dongle (report available from UDXF website files section) and wanted to test RSP1, an 12bit of very reasonable cost, see how performance differences would stack up betwixt RSP1. In essence, exactly much dynamic range sensitivity is needed for acceptable yet spurious ...

Seeeduino Buying Guide

by E1even26-07-2017


There are a lot of different Seeeduino boards in Bazaar. How do you decide which one need for your project? With this table, can compare features between all the we carry.What is an Seeeduino?Let’s first talk about what Arduino really is. open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended ...

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Easy to get started to LinkIt 7697--- three development environments

by 109266324313-06-2017


LinkIt 7697 is a the latest development board and released by MediaTek Seeed, combined Wi-Fi with low power Bluetooth (BLE) communication technology, mainly used in end point device of Internet things applications. In order to reduce the threshold ...

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LinkIt 7697 VS ESP 32,Who is winner?

by 109266324324-05-2017


During the COMPUTEX show on June 2014 ,MediaTek (MTK) has published LinkIt ONE and Connect (or 7681) platform. a higher specification performance, not only integrates matches communication function chip, but also compatible Arduino development environment,It raised sensation shortly after published. MediaTek 7681 platform In contrast, ...

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FAQ of ReSpeaker and Mic Array

by jerryyip06-04-2017


This is the FAQ of ReSpeaker and Mic Array. If you have any other questions, feel free to post it here :) We are willing help you!Factory resetOpen serial console or a ssh session run firstboot. More detailWi-Fi configWe advise configure Wi-Fi via WEB-UI and if can't be used, try command line tool wictl at console.How change BING speech api recognize ...