ESP8266 Vibrator Development Board and Seeed PCBA Review

by Melody26-09-2017


Takeaway: Gerald made a great ESP8266 Board using Seeed Studio Fusion PCBA service and he shared his shopping experience with the traps pitfalls of making boards, read on.About year ago I based design for vibrator development board including IMU, motor driver battery charging. The was on Adafruit ESP Huzaah, but used components Seeedstudio Open Parts ...

esp8266seeed pcba
IoT studying--Networking

by Jolly04-08-2017


In an IoT project,networking is the first problem.So I would like to introduce some ways of networking include WiFi,Ethernet,2G,3G,4G,LoRa and ZigBee. 1.WiFi WiFi a technology for wireless local area with devices based on IEEE 802.11 standards.WiFi most commonly uses 2.4 gigahertz (12 cm) UHF 5 (6 SHF ISM radio bands.We can often heard about Dual band ...

A Simple Way to Make a Retro System With Your Raspbery Pi!

by Jolly28-07-2017


There are thousands of projects posted in the open source community, but not all them accessible due to language barriers. We taking some our favorite projects, which were originally written Chinese, and translating English share with community. You can find link below, so feel free give original author love! Anything brackets (“[…]”) is for ...

raspberry pigame
BeagleBone Green Wireless Irrigation Control by Greg Raven

by E1even15-06-2017


This is a practical project using the BeagleBone Green Wireless as a server/controller for a home irrigation system.

How to Print a Cup With Clay 3D Printer at Home

by sns28-05-2017


Traditional 3D printers use materials that are ABS, PLA, or light-cured resins. The printed model is primarily used as a product prototype for testing the feasibility of product, an ornamental viewing. If you want to get daily cup, bowl shade and other necessities, then need go clay studio learn hand-kneading model, after firing can be obtained.I would ...

3d printerclay 3d printer
RedHat Summit 2017 - Codestarter BOM

by EUROTECH SpA 07-05-2017


Red Hat Summit 2017 Codestarter Bill of Materials and setup instructions.

redhat codestarter 2017eurotech
DIY a Portable, Accurate, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter

by James05-01-2017


Originally written by rawrdongThis is the first Instructable in series: How to Make, Calibrate, and Test a Portable, Accurate, Low Cost, Open Source Air Particle Counter. The second installment, How Build Chamber for Sensors, can be found here. third Monodisperse Generator around $300, found here.This project by Rundong Tian, Sarah Sterman, ...

pcb service
The way Boost PFC Converter Circuit Improves Power Quality

by James05-01-2017


Originally written by David WilliamsLinear power supplies, even ones with passive filtering have low power factor and high harmonic currents. Learn about the boost power factor correction (PFC) converter, a circuit that can improve the power quality of power supplies.

pcb service
How to draw a pattern on a PCB board and manufacture it on Eagle?

by James28-11-2016


Some people may wonder how to manufacture beautiful pattern on the PCB Eagle, design it and import make designed as expected. But some they don't know or neglect many details when designing such Eagle.Click HERE to choose badges you like.Now let's find out these Eagle! ...

pcb service
The truth about the grounding and EMC filter design

by James21-11-2016


Originally written by cuptreeGrounding is an important means of suppressing electromagnetic interference , and improving the compatibility electronic equipment. Proper grounding can suppress effects suppression equipment to radiated otherwise,wrong would cause serious interference,or even making device in malfunction. ...

pcb service
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