Xadow M0 Xadow NFC communication ( for a beginner )


I'm quite new to the whole embedded platforms so bear with me.

I have a Xadow m0 mobo and Xadow NFC board. I'm having difficulties getting the to talk to each other trough SPI and the documentation is scarce or well hidden ( or I'm an idiot ).

The NFC tag has I2C enabled by default, but I didn't find a suitable library to get me started with it. The seeed PN532 library for atmel mobo had also I2C interface, but I failed trying to convert it to fit my settings.

However I found a seeed team made PN532 library for the mbed platform, which should hold all the key methods to read the NFC tag. The wiki says that before reading/writing a tag, I need to prepare the hardware installation and the libraries.

I did solder the Interface I0 to high and I0 to low on the NFC board, which should enable the SPI communication protocol, but I still couldn't get the library to work.

Could someone point me in the right direction? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

LeFuJun 09,2016 23:46 PMAdd Comment


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