Wooden Recording Box

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With some function modules, we can build certain funny objects. Here I will introduce you a wooden recording box which looks like an antique_radio. Assemble the 6 wooden plates and stick other function modules together by using a glue gun. The box can record your voice when pushing the “Record” button. After that, pressing Button module and you can hear the voice you recorded. If you don’t like this sound, you can record them again. The recorder modules are repeated. You can make a wish or record what you want to express. You can give it to your friend as a present with or without simple packaging. However, funny box or your wish voice, I think they like it very much. Now let’s take a look how to make this project!

Step 1 Design the wooden box 3D

Step 2 2D schematic diagram of wooden box

Step 3 Laser cutting with the 2D schematic diagram

Step 4 CNC process the slots

Step 5 Assembling all components & Testing the wooden recording box

Part list


Grove - Recorder
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Grove - Button
$1.90 Add To Cart
9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
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Grove - Universal 4 Pin 20cm Unbuckled Cable (5 PCs Pack)
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