Wio Node is connected but shows as offline?

HI, I recently got and set up a Wio Node. The other day I was playing with some of the APIs and it all worked fine. Three days later, I am having an issue. The Wio is connected (1 second blink on status LED) and I can access the ports via the API for things like turning an LED on/off. However when i search for nodes for my user (/v1/nodes/list), the response says the node is offline and when I try to request v1/node/.well-known for the node it responds that the device is offline. I am using the proper access code, I know this because of my ability to manipulate and LED. There seems to be some disconnect here as the Wio app shows the node as online, and I can reach it for changing digital output, but other API calls show it as offline. Any idea how I can fix this? The ultimate goal is to be able to use the API to detect which API endpoints are available programatically

dandmendelsohnMar 09,2018 02:06 AMAdd Comment


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