WiFi Audio Spectrum Analyzer

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This is a fun project inspired by Charles Lohr's video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ISbmQTbjDIA 8x8 RGB LED module (WS2812b) is connected to the I2S port of ESP8266. ESP8266 also runs a WebSocket server. It listens on port 8080 for display frame data. Once the data is received, it is pushed to the LED Matrix via DMA/I2S.The client side is a HTML5/JS webpage. When an audio file is selected, the Javascript program uses WebAudio APIs to decode and analyze the audio data. The audio spectrum is then bin'ed into 8 sections and send to the ESP8266 WebSocket port.I'm building this project using my own designed ESP8266 breakout board. But since it only uses GPIO RX pin, all ESP modules can be supported.

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Baoshi Zhu
8*8 RGB LED Matrix w/ WS2812B - DC 5V
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