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Users Guide missing??

Purchased a Transmitter/Receiver pair from Seeed and received them OK. But they did not come with any documentation. No users guide, no wiring diagram, no suggested usage or operating parameters.

I have found PDF for the encoders online, but that doesn't help discern what the receiver is set up for, and there are far too many codes to test.

The transmitter is designed for user settings, and again, no guideline was provided. Pin 8 on the PT2264 encoder on the transmitter board was soldered, along with pins 9-18 but pins 1-7 (A0-A6) are unsoldered, so perhaps that's the code, a 0 on A7, but how about the receiver? What's it set for?

The boards are:

1) Receiver - 315 MHz Remote Relay Switch  103990004

2) Transmitter - APF02

These are assemblies, surface mount and through hole components. 

Any help with a link to the PDF of a user's manual for this product pair?

I had planned on using these devices for a product for resale, but I need info so I can test without spending too much time reverse engineering what these boards are designed for...


hitek1stJan 10,2017 07:21 AMAdd Comment


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