Two Factor Locking System

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  • Beagle Bone Green Wireless
  • WioLink
  • Grove Button
  • Grove 4-Digit Display
  • Grove Rotary Angle Sensor
  • Grove LED Strip
  • Grove Analog Servo
  • Android Phone with NFC reader
  • "Automate"Android App
  • Google User ID


  • Enable the number input with an NFC ID card
  • enter the number
  • the door opens (represented by the Analog Serve)

First let's have a look at the video:

On the BBGW I've installed two servers: 

  • theWioLink Server
  • a python script with the 2factor server (the code will be descriped below)

The Setup

First factor: NFC card reader on the Android phone

Second factor: Secret code

The 2factor Python server

Here's the whole 2factor Python script


Uwe Fetzer
Wio Link
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SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green Wireless
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Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor
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