Turing Alarm for Arduino

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NOTE: This Instructable is currently incomplete. I will finish it before September 19. 

I started this project after seeing Nick Johnson's Turing Alarm clock. I found that the PIC chip he used was a little too advanced for me, so I decided to use the Arduino microcontroller. The original project by Nick Johnson can be found on his blog here . All credits for the idea goes to Nick.

The turing alarm forces you to solve math problems when you wake up. If you get the math problem correct, the alarm stops, and if you don't, you will have to solve another one. My version also includes a 12V light dimmer using a MOSFET. A DS1307 real time clock (RTC) keeps track of the time and the menus are controlled with five buttons.

Future improvements:
Joystick control
Math problem level setting
battery backup power
two alarms

Step 1 Materials and Tools

Step 2 Solder Headers

Step 3 DS1307RTC

Step 4 Serial LCD

Step 5 Libraries

Step 6 Pin Layout

Step 7 Part 1 - The Code

Step 8 Part 2 - The Code

Step 9 Power

Step 10 Light Control

Step 11 PCB

Step 12 Mount Buttons and LCD

Step 13 Troubleshooting


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