The Absolut Company Creation Contest – Guillaume Marmin

Absolut Compagny Creation launches a contest for show-setting talents in order to create the second OX machine, after the one conceived by Romain Tardy. The installation will be a part of the Absolut tour.

After a degree at the Lyon II University and ARFIS, Guillaume Marmin conceives audiovisual installations. He generally works for concerts and shows in general, exploring new ways of creating by using high-technology. His artworks are inspired by experimental film-makers such as Len Lye and Stan Brakhage and express a sense of perfect harmony between sound and image, by following movements and creating unexpected contrasts and shades.

However, the artist refuses to simply use digital and virtual supports and prefers to explore 3D dimension to completely control the surrounding space. Among its best creations there are “Around the island”, “Après-nous le déluge”, “Raster” et “Timée”, all inspired by science, environmental changes, humanity, architecture and the notion of space.


Windows design
Raster was commissioned by Scopitone Festival and specifically designed for Maison Bergeron. It plays with the architecture of the building, emphasizing the link between  
its natural light by day, and its opacity at night. 

Exterior night: video mapping

Screen prints by Benjamin Boré
(65 x 50 cm,Canson Iris Vivaldi Silver 280g/m2, Edition of 20)

Making-of by Atelier Transmedia

More works

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