The not so smart Xadow smartwatch

148023Published On Mar 18,2009 09:57 AMshare3
This is a SO beautiful watch I ever made~ A lot of animation were used. But this is only the prototype edition, I hope you'll like it (Of course I will give a updated version!!)

I cut a lot of features, because there is no more space for me to burn the firmware into the board(32U4).

Now you can check your time and calendar there, a stopwatch is included too~

A NOT-SO-USEFUL flashlight is also there, ignoring the brightness of OLED is not so good.

The original and reference one is:, Instead of writing the codes in avr-style, I adopt his avr workbench into a arduino solution, so every one can download the codes and upload hex to his own hardware easier!

Step 1: Functions

Step 2: Materials & Tools

Step 3: Software

Step 4: Handwork

Step 5: Later plans


hang xie
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