Terrarium and Linkit ONE

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features:-control the water in the tank (if to low switch all water tools off)-control the humidity (if over 70% switch foger off )-control light (switch light on at 6h00 and off at 23h00)-control Temp (if under 30°C switch heaters on if over 35°C switch off)-control Heater (if temp over 45°C switch off under 30°C switch on)-control rain (set the rain interval to 2h raining delay to 2 min)-control LCD (2 lcd displays to show infos)-SD Data logger-html display page (show infos in Auto and in Manu mode switch different outputs )-change the stettings over html pagein the next weeks i want to post the complet project with instruction and more infos my new version is stable (works fine under internet explorer)thx


Grove - Temperature Sensor
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Grove - Base Shield
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Humidity /temperature sensor module
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Analog Infrared Distance Measuring Sensor(20-150cm)
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LinkIt ONE
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Grove - Screw Terminal
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