SunIOT - Raspberry Pi IOT device with Grove!

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At SwitchDoc Labs we have been building a number of prototype IOT (Internet Of Things) devices for a number of different videos, articles, products and books we have been working on.   Our latest Book,  "Raspberry Pi IoT Projects: Prototyping Experiments for Makers", has been selling well on Amazon, published by APress-Springer/Daniel.  Our first O'Reilly Publishing tutorial video, “Introduction to the ESP8266 and the IOT"also just came out.  Time for a new project, SunIOT.

We just have added a new product, a Grove Sunlight Sensor to our lineup and wanted to build a project using it.   We are intending to add drivers for this sensing device to three of our product lines:  OurWeather, the GroveWeatherPi and the WXLink wireless data transmission products.  Since we are going to be using the Grove Sunlight Sensor so extensively, we thought we should build a quick example project.

SunIOT was thus born.   We will be building this project in four postings.  FIrst the description of the project (Part 1).  Secondly, we get the hardware up and connected , Python connected to both of the Grove devices (Part 2), Part 3 will have us connect up to and then in Part 4, we will use MQTT to connect to a dashboard, (and

What is SunIOT?

The overall design of the project is simple.   We use the Raspberry Pi to read  a sensor that measures sunlight and breaks the sunlight down into three components (UV, IR and Visible). We also use an LED to provide visual feedback that a sample is being taken (two blinks) and that the process is still running (one blink).

The general idea of SunIOT is to build a software platform to build more complex IOT sensors.   In this column and the next, we will be going through a complete, albeit simple, IOT design.   As well as providing a test bed for the new Grove Sunlight Sensor.

Understanding all the Parts of SunIOT


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