Soldering Iron Screen Scrambled

When left alone for a few minutes, long enough for the temperature to go down to 200C but not long enough for it to turn off, the display on my Seeed Soldering Iron (DC5525) will suddenly show the temp going down to 200C in a strange font and then go completely scrambled, with random pixels all over it. When this happens, it is effectively off. Removing power and applying it again, the display comes back on, but the Seeed logo is not fully formed. The temp reading looks correct when I'm actively using it, but something seems to be corrupted in the display. Is there a firmware update that I can apply to maybe correct this problem? It does the scrambled thing immediately when plugged into a USB port to look at the CONFIG.TXT file as well.

I can take video of what it is doing if I can send it to someone to look at.

When I am using the iron, it is working fine. The problem seems to only happen when I let it rest for a few minutes.

When turning on, it says Version 2.10.

lucierOct 05,2016 13:45 PMAdd Comment


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