Slipper Shining with LED strip & Xadow

84761Published On Mar 12,2009 09:14 AMshare1

Led strips are amazing! Firewalker-led-sneakers( by Adafruit inspired me.

I wanna change a way to control it, instead of"pressure-sensitive", I use a accelerometer sensor judging the motion of slipper.

It's simple, I complete this version only calculating the acceleration on"z"axis, weather i'm speed up or slow down. Led will"flow"if I'm moving, and stop as I stop.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

Step 2: Connect

Step 3: Blink Test

Step 4: Software

Step 5: Final


hang xie
Xadow - Main Board
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Xadow - 3-Axis Accelerometer
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