Seeeduino Setup not Working - Board Not Accessible


I recently purchased a Seeeduino Cloud v1.1 and am following the initial setup instructions on this web page:

After step 2:   2. Wi-Fi STA Mode

I was able to connect the board to my personal wifi network through the web console.   Now the SeeeduinoCloud-AXXXX network does not appear on my laptop network connections.   When I put seeed.local in the browser nothing loads.   PUTTY sessions cannot access the board through SSH at or   In summary, I cannot access this board since I connected it to my wifi network.  Prior to doing this, I was able to SSH into the board through PUTTY and load the web console in the browser at   

After connecting it to my personal WiFI, the board restarted and a link showed saying it was now available at seeed.local.  I clicked on the link and nothing loaded.

Any ideas how I can now access this board?  It is connected and powered on to my laptop through USB.


Steve Albright

stevealbrightOct 19,2017 08:21 AMAdd Comment


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