Seeeduino Film and Motion Capture

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TheSeeeduino Film is a very small and flexible Arduino-compliant board.  It uses a single 20-pin bus on a Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) to connect to a variety of breakout boards designed to be used with the Seeeduino Film.  

In this tutorial, I will show you how to program your Seeeduino Film as well as connect the Seeeduino Motion Frame to the Seeeduino Film.

Tools and Materials:
Seeeduino Film
Seeeduino Motion Frame
Soldering Iron and Solder
Jumper Wires/5-pin Header
Programmer (3.3V FTDI Breakout1or3.3V FTDI Breakout2  or UartSBee)

Step 1 Pin Outs and Mistakes to Avoid

Step 2 Jumper Wires

Step 3 Programming Film

Step 4 Connecting FRAMEs


Seeeduino Motion Frame
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UartSBee V4
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