Seeeduino Curtain Control

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We often forget to pull up our curtain and just turn on fluorescent lamp if we have an automatic curtain, we can save the energy and contribute to the low carbon living.
The designed curtain has two modes: automatic mode and remote control mode.

1)Seeeduino V328 Brain accept information from sensors and give information to motor driver
2)small direct curent motor Move the curtain
3)L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Drive the motor
4)light sensing brick Detect the light intensity
5)Electronic Brick Shield V4 Expand interfaces of Seeeduino V328
6)IR Remote control transmitter Press the key and control the motor
7)IR Remote control reciever Receive signal from IR Remote control

Step 1 How to move the curtain?

Step 2 Light sensing brick

Step 3 IR remote control

Step 4 Wiring


Gear (reduction ) motor p12 6V 60RPM
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L298 Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
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Electronic brick - light sensor(Analog)
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Electronic Brick Shield V4
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