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This project was started to solve some common problems faced by everyone. Imagine it is a cold winter night,you are reading a novel on your bed, before going to sleep. After reading few pages,you are feeling drowsy and your eye getting closed.Oops! your room light is still on,but you have no more interest to wake up and go near to the power outlet.Then obviously you will want to do it from your bed.But how can you do it ? Don't worry your Smartphone will do the job.In this tutorial, I will show you how to make your smart power Outlet by using an android smartphone and Arduino. This requires you to have no experience of android programming at all, as a free third party application will do the job.Though this project was started to control my bedroom light,but later I added some more interesting features on it.Features :1. Turn on or off lights, fan,air conditioning and other appliances in your room2. Control a RGB led strips3. Read your room temperature

Step by Step Introduction


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