SEEED’s Freelance & Ambassador Program

Dear makers,
Seeed Studio is excited to launch the new community ( We would like to thank everyone who always support and trust in Seeed.
To grow the maker culture in our community and inspire more creative projects (recipes) we would like to introduce a new program called “SEEED FREELANCE & AMBASSADOR”. You can earn up to $100 cash bonus for every selected recipe post in Seeed Community.
How to participate in this program?

Please fill in the application form and send it back to You will be informed about the results in 24 hours.

2.Working on the recipe 
If you are selected to join the program, you can start working on your recipe and submit it on our community's recipe page.

3.Promoting your recipe 
Share your project in different maker groups and forums and make it popular.

4.Making it popular

<<Program Detail

Apply HERE

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