Request for new GrovePi sensor

I am looking for a magnetic sensor that works just like a tilt switch or a hall effect sensor, it simply will detect when a magnetic field is present. Preferably in close proximity. The application I have in mind for it is for monitoring cabinets that house the network infrastructure hardware within my place of work. I would like to be able to be alerted if a cabinet door is left open as well as have tracking data of when it was opened. I know there is already a tilt switch and hall effect sensor for the Grovepi but both of those have limitations how they can be mounted to use for this application since the cable connects on the same side of the chip as the"sensing"piece of the sensor itself. What I have in mind is similar to home security systems where the sensor piece is kept in a small plastic case that either has mounting screws or some sort of material on the bottom to stick to the door/cabinet/window. And then there is a similar piece that is kept in the same type of small plastic housing but it is just the magnet part so that these two can be mounted along the edges of the where the door opens. Something like the picture below just with grove connections.

nickmiller1591Oct 26,2016 19:15 PMAdd Comment


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