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'Recipe' is a specially-made forum on the Seeed Studio webpage ( where makers can upload, share their creative ideas and interesting works by describing the detailed making process of their products, which we called as making a 'recipe' for it.

A 'recipe' is more than a simple tutorial but a 'portal' for the makers to where they yearn. With these 'recipes', fresh makers can build up their favorites by following the recipe instructions step-by-step, and the skilled makers can be inspired to develop something even more functional.

To make our 'Recipe' an ideal place for people to share their products, exchange their ideas and experiences, we have always wanted it to be better and better.
In the following weeks till March 2015, we will keep revising the 'Recipe' according to the feedback collected from our the Alpha Users. All the Alpha Users will be regarded as the contributors to the 'Recipe 2.0' and rewarded with Seeed Productions. Additionally, Alpha Users would have a chance to become the Core Users for Seeed Studio. We will keep in touch with these Core Users and invite them to even more activities launched by Seeed in the coming future. The Core Users will be randomly chosen to experience our new products in advance, or even be sponsored by Seeed for their creative projects. Also, some discounts when shopping at Seeed Bazaar is possible XD. For more details about the Alphas Users please check on the 'Recipe Alpha User Invitation':viewtopic.php?f=16&t=5741

The weekly update of the 'Recipe' will be posted here.
If you are interested in being one of our Alpha Users or if you have any questions please contact me by E-mail :

- Added 'Create a recipe' linked to the a Recipe Editor for creating and uploading the recipes
---- Added 'Title and Heading'
---- Added 'Sections for recipes'
---- Added 'Required materials'
---- Added 'Recipe tags'

- Added 'My Recipe' linked to the historical recipes created by users
- Fixed that the Recipe Editor did not save automatically
- Fixed that the view counter did not show the view count correctly

- Simplified the sign up procedure for new users
---- Sign up with Email, Nickname and password
- You can now log in with your social account
---- Log in with Facebook, Google+, Github etc.
- You can now add a short description for the recipe showing on the homepage
- Added the 'Recipe Status'
---- Label the recipe as an ongoing projects or a completed project
- Added 'External Links' for source code or any other related links
- Changed the Recipe Editor
---- The description of a recipe is now independent from the part of Instructions
---- Added the 'Update' function to record the project progress
- Optimized the Recipe User Interface (UI)
- Localized the Add Material function
---- If the components used in the project is available in Bazaar, you can now find directly from the drop-down list
- Recipe can be published or saved as a draft
---- You can view, edit and remove the recipes in 'My Recipes'
- Added 'Like' function for Recipes

- Fixed that the signed in account would occasionally logged out for no reason
---- If the user do not sign out, the account will be kept signed in for two weeks
- Fixed bugs related to password change
- Fixed that the switch button on the banner does not work
- Optimized the save path of banners
- Optimized the 'back to top' icon
- Optimized the front-end code and CSS

- Added Products Page as a collection of products related recipes
- Added plug-ins in the recipe editor to enable changing font colour as well as embedding videos
- Fixed that the recipe did not show the project status
- Fixed that there was no prompt message for the image uploading failure
- The banners on the homepage are now open with a new window
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