ReRouter - Make an Extensible IoT Router

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A few months ago, I shared my project about

Router named Smart router with WiFi Connection Visualization

. which can tell you the number of devices that are connected to your router and monitors the network speed. Luckily I've got more than 96k views and 760 Favorites on that project. I was so delighted as I regards it as a solution that can help out the people who are in the same troubles as I did.

I've thought a lot after that and comes a new idea about this. I think I can go further and make it helpful to some special communities - Like my grandpa, who was once a tough guy and now suffering from AD(Alzheimer’s disease) in his old age. It happens a lot that he always forget what he planed to do in the next morning. Writing things on a note won't be possible as he is too old to hold a pen. But as I figured, maybe he can type, even with just one finger, he can still push the buttons and type words on the computer. So I thought, what if I integrate a printer to my Router, so he or me can write things down at a web page and let the printer print it out. In every morning he just need to look at the note and then knows about the plans he made. Also me or any other family members can leave him a note in this way any time we want. Take me for example, I wish I can write 'I love you, grandpa' every day in the morning so he can see my greetings miles away without getting tired with my voice (just joking).

Since I had this idea I started to work on it.

In addition to the printer, I planned to let the router also connects to Grove Sensors and Grove Relay. So I can control the relay and upload the sensor values to MediaTek Cloud Sandbox.

To be honest, I hope that there will be more people pay attention to this open source project and engage to these kind of things to help special people like my grandpa.

Well, now let’s get on the journey of making.

Step1: Wiring

Step2: Setup the Linkit Smart 7688 Duo

Step3: Configure the MediaTek Cloud Sandbox

Step4: Upload the Arduino Code

Step5: Download the code from Github

Step6 :Setup the the startup script

Step7: Prepare the things for Hardware Work

Step8: Laser cut the wood

Step9: Hardware Assembly

Step 10: Shell Assembly

Step 11: The finished look

Step 12: The Result

Step 14: Make. Invent. Do.


LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo
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Digital RGB LED Flexi-Strip 30 LED - 1 Meter
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Grove - Relay
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Base Shield V2
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Arduino Breakout for LinkIt Smart 7688 Duo
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Embedded Thermal Printer
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