Paul the Octopus

19200Published On Dec 16,2009 11:55 AMshare0
I had the idea of making a ‘Paul the Octopus’ when playing games with friends. The rule is anyone who is pointed by the pointer should make a joke. Why couldn’t I replace the pointer with running lights? So, team up with an artist and a programmer. We started to make Paul the Octopus. It is beautiful and funny. All the LEDs are on when you turn on the power. And when you pick up the switch, the LED will be on one after another. Later on, the final LED will stay on. Then the person that the LED point should follow others’ order.

Step by Step Introduction


Flexible LED Strip - RGB
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TechBox Tricks
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Grove - Variable Color LED
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9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
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Grove - Tilt Switch(backorder)
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