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PCB & Assembly Service In SeeedStudio

Fusion offers one stop prototyping services to build electronic and mechanical parts in small quantity.
We dedicate to bring you mature manufacturing capability with affordable cost.



$9.9 for 10 pieces 1-2 layer PCB

Easy to use. Upload Gerber file to get an instant quote. Fast lead time. 

PCB Assembly 

1 to 50 pieces PCB assembly service with OPL components. More than 500 commonly-used components in OPL.$0.05 per pin for SMD/DIP;Assembly lead time is 1-2 days.



A collection of most commonly-used components.With open source EDA library (Eagle, Kicad,etc),3D-modules and datasheets, this library can greatly increase the development efficiency.Good value,always in stock, small MOQ.


Fusion Gallery 

Fusion Gallery is where you can share your projects, allow everyone to use, modify and upgrade it. Here you can find many other makers like you. Just embrace the beauty of Open source!


Flexible PCB 

Customized Flexible PCB from 1 layer to 2 layers. MOQ:5 pieces. Ship in 7 days.


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