Number of grove ports on Wio Link is insufficient

Hey, my name is Kostya. Here's my problem: I want to connect several devices (that are listed below) to my Wio Link and I'm sure that I don't have enough grove ports to do this.

Besides, I'm not sure in which port each individual device (or sensor) should be connected to. As far as I know, Motor Driver must be connected to I2C port. And what about Mini Fan, Water Atomization or LED? Is the default power supply enough for them?

I suppose, the solution would be to buy a kind of expansion board (I mean thing that has additional grove ports). Or I still have to buy another micro-controller?

Thank you in advance :)

P.S.I'm using Wio Link as Arduino.

kkmoskalenkoFeb 11,2018 18:44 PMAdd Comment


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