NabaztagInjector – An Arduino RFID Hack

24151Published On Sep 25,2009 00:34 AMshare1
What it doesLet’s use our Nabaztag Rabbit to send some data from Arduino to the Internet. Huh! – But how?The Nabaztag is (was) Rabbit connected to the Internet. Well, actually it’s an ARM7 processor equipped with WIFI and a couple of output and input sensors. Those input sources are:a microphoneRFID readera buttontow ears which can be movedOn first sight it doesn’t seam there’s any option to connect an external device for sending data to the rabbit. But a closer look on the RFID reader showed, that the used CRX14 chip talks via I2C bus to the processor, and luckily the very same bus is also available on the Arduino.The RFID reader works in a way, that on demand by the processor, any nearby RFID tags are discovered, requested for their 8 Byte long UID and reported back to the processor.And that’s where NabaztagInjector hooks in: It pushes the Arduino to act in the very same way the RFID chip would, but instead of returning RFID tag UIDs it sends back any custom


Tobias Bielohlawek
Arduino Uno Rev3
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