NFC Card Controlled Remote Car

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This is a remote control car. Not controlled by ubiquitous remotes, like joystick, but a set of NFC cards. That makes it a challenge to rational thinking. Want it run smoother and faster? That depends on how you design the commands set it executes.
Fundamentally this is a project based on Shield Bot, a starter platform for robot beginner. It’s a shield, so it runs as long as you stack it onto an Arduino.
I found some NFC cards from nowhere. And I divided them into two groups, num cards and command cards. Each command card represents an action, like “GO AHEAD”, and each num card records a number that determines how far the action goes.
Here is an obstacle avoiding game we design for this car. What happens when a car meets a turtle? Find the answer in the video.
Now come on and follow me to make one yourself!

Step 1: Material Preparation

Step 2: Hardware Installation

Step 3: Cards Design

Step 4: Upload the Codes

Step 5: Come and Play


Seeeduino V3.0 (Atmega 328P)
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NFC Shield V2.0
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Base Shield V1.3
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Energy Shield
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Lithium Ion polymer Battery - 2A
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Grove - Infrared Emitter
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Grove - Buzzer
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Grove - Infrared Receiver
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