Missed Call Notifier Using ESP8266

67460Published On Mar 05,2010 00:38 AMshare0
One of the first projects I had created when I started my journey into electronics was a missed call notifier (http://dushyant.ahuja.ws/2013/11/physical-android-notifier/). Unfortunately it used bluetooth and a workaround using Tasker, S4LA and Python to work, which stopped working some time about a year ago. I think probably due to an android upgrade. Don't know, didn't really bother to check again.However, I still wanted one, just to ensure that I see if there's any missed call, even if my phone is either in my bag, or in the other room. Recently I had bought a couple of ESP8266 modules (ESP-01) and thought this might be a good first project. Didn't need many GPIOs, and wifi would be easier to work than bluetooth (as Tasker can directly access web pages).

Step by Step Introduction


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