Met SAM (Sound and Music) - integrates SONOS into the home

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MetSAM(Sound and Music), my latest project. This is about creating and designing an integrated home entertainment sound system to enjoy musicand integrate all sound devices within the home. A sound device includes door bells, phones, music speakers, wake up and burglar alarms etc The idea is to integrate all of these into a coordinate soundscapeand available in any room. For example if a visitor presses the door bell then the music system stops playing music and provides a voice message about the visitor. Similarly when the phone rings the music is muted. SAM uses the SONOSuser interface to organise music in the music library and select internet radio or music for any SONOS speaker box.

We started our music collection with CDs many years ago. Now the hundreds of albums have been transferred to home file server and recently integrated into a SONOS sound system. Internet music streaming channels can also be added. While a bit expensive SONOS is the Rolls-Royce of home sound streaming systems and produce crystal clear sounds.
Another aim of this project is to replace the many hand held controllers with just one for everything. I will be using a re-cycled Panasonic Infra Red controller from our old TV. The IR controller will allow you to control the sound level, select presets and provide the normal controls you would expect from any sound system but lacking with the SONOS product. Instead SONOS expect you to open your Android phone or Apple Smart phone app and this takes time. My controller is available all the time and is instantly available. It talks to the home server via wifi and can be used in any room. I have developed the system using a Beaglebone Green computer running javascript and node-red software and a wiolink microcomputer that connects to the handheld IR controller.

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Software for Wiolink

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