Meet TAP - a timer to help people with disabilities

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 TAP is a Timer for Autistic People or alternatively can be used to manage your children's home work to assist with the care of the elderly.  TAP times work activity, provides an alarm for overtime and provides a summary of time for each task. A task is commenced by clicking a button on the PC Chrome user interface or alternatively from 433MHZ push buttons or infra-red motion detectors. The motion detectors can either be 433MHZ or Grove PIR motion detectors wired into the client Wiolink. There are two wiolink stations: one for the parent or carer  station and and one for the child or client station. 
On the client station there is a LED Bar Display that mimics the 'time timer display' and this is repeated on the Chrome browser user interface for each timer. 

On the parent or carer station there is a 4 Digital LED display and OLED display of remaining and over time. 
Both have audible musical alarms where a tone defines the task with overtime. The carer can cancel audible alarms but a single red LED shown the visual alarm at all times. All data is also shown on a Chrome browser user interface so the carer can see progress at any stage and can review progress with the client after the work is completed. 

Task times are pre-set and can be chosen from the Chrome browser interface screen. Presets can be changed on the node-red program.


1 recreated the 'timer time' interface and extend this for up to three timers
2 took care with security when using cloud computing such as exposing access codes - provide these in a single place
3 explored use of musical tones to encode alarms so that wither the client or the care are aware by sound alone when a task is overtime
4 used web APIs and minimise latency for handling tasks
5 used web sockets on a Chrome Browser to process asynchronous events such as the carer's push button to cancel audible alarms
6 processed multiple events including triggers for motion detectors
7 Use object programming where possible - use this to create timers

Configure the Wiolinks Computers

Program the node-red host


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