MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 - Get started

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MediaTek LinkIt Smart 7688 is a powerful platform for IoT applications. The heart of the platform is the MT7688AN SOC. This chipset is based on a powerful 802.11n 1T1R Wi-Fi AP, supports up to 2Gb RAM with additional SD-card storage, encryption engine Wi-Fi and a wide variety of peripheral connectivity options.  Know more about LinkItSmart here.
Let's get start with LinkIt Smart. The basic connectivity of device is shown here. The device has to USB ports, two indicator LEDs and two reset buttons. To power up the board, connect one end of micro USB to the power connector of the LinkIt Smart board and another end to your computer or other 5V power source.  The Power LED (Green) will light up first, followed by the Wi-Fi LED (Orange) which will blink once. Then, after about 4~5 seconds, the Wi-Fi LED will light; this indicates that the boot loader has initialized. After the boot loader has initialized the boot up process begins, which takes about 30 seconds. Next, the Wi-Fi LED turns off; this means the system is ready to accept a Wi-Fi connection.

Connect to LinkIt Smart 7688 with web UI:

Access the System Console of 7688 board

use the LinkIt Smart as wifi station


LinkIt Smart 7688
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