Make a Voice-Control IR Remote Controller by Arduino

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In our latest project named DIY your ReSpeaker Adapter(Voice Control), we introduced how to control adapter using your voice, but it can only control switch-signal appliances, such as table lamp fan and so on.

This time I’ll show you how to use your voice to control some complex household appliances like smart TV and air conditioner using the new thing ReSpeaker, which can allow you to interact with the world using your voice. In this case, we need to use Infrared remote controller to control them. Fortunately, the ReSpeaker has a coprocessor ATmega 32U4 which makes it compatible with Arduino Leonardo, So I use the Arduino side to learn IR Command code as well as send the IR Commands to control the complex appliances.


Setup the ReSpeaker

Upload the Arduino Code

Download the Code

Change the Code

Setup the Startup Script

Laser Cutting

Fixed ReSpeaker on Wood

Fixed the Speaker on Wood

Fixed Grove – Infrared Emitter and Grove - Infrared Receiver

Fixed the Paper

Drawing on Paper

The Result


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ReSpeaker Core - Based On MT7688 and OpenWRT
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