Magic Bracelet

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Hello there,

In this instructable I would like to introduce the Magic Bracelet. Actually, it is a gesture recognition device with Infrared Emitter& Receiver. Magic Bracelet  makes it possible to control(turn on/off basically) your appliances(such as TV/ air-condition/ fan and other types of remote control devices) with gesture movement.

In order to achieve the gesture recognition, we use 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer module to get acceleration value of gesture motion and then process data with our  tidy but efficient algorithm. 

Now, I will make a detailed explanation about the steps of making a Magic Bracelet, including the hardware connection and software implementation.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Step 3: Structure Design

Step 4: Software Design

Step 5: Test and Play

Step 6: Definition of next steps


zou wei
Xadow - Main Board
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Xadow - 3-Axis Accelerometer
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Xadow - Vibration Motor
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Grove - Vibration Motor
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Xadow - OLED 0.96''
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Grove - Infrared Emitter
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Grove - Infrared Receiver
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