LinkIt7688 + breakout - Wifi makes audio noise

I got a breakout Linkit smart 7688 v2.0 which I made into a sound bar.

I face different issue, the biggest concern is the audio noise, pop, pops.

    1. The linkit seems to lack maintenance as it's latest wifi driver mt_wifi is only available for kernel 3.18.44
    2. Openwrt is no longer compiling with the feeds provided
    3. When the wifi is enabled, there are some noise, pops on the speakers.
    4. I notice that noise and pop also occurs on the speakers when writing on the internal storage

I have tried to isolate the power of the breakout codec amplifier but the issue seems to come from the signals between the linkit and codec.

I am playing musing from an external SD card. Without wifi enabled, the audio quality is quite good. I am very bothered by the fact that I can't have this soundbar on internal wifi. MPD is playing my music locally so the wifi usage is minimal.

I connected an external audio jack input for my phone to play on the soundbar, on the aux input. I tested configurations of the codec but I am not able to get a clean audio path. I don't seems to be able to route audio from INPUT2 to the speaker directly. I always go thru the PGA input. It would have been nice to have the AUX input on the INPUT3 of the codec with the jack detect feature.

Thanks for any support.

KyklasFeb 19,2018 05:27 AMAdd Comment


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