LinkIt smart 7688 basic tutorial #5:Use Grove - Digital Light Sensor--Describe how to use UPM

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This tutorial is to introduced that how can we access to some Grove module on linkit smart 7688 with UPM.

UPM is a high level repository for sensors that use MRAA. The UPM repository provides software drivers for a wide variety of commonly used sensors and actuators. These software drivers interact with the underlying hardware platform (or microcontroller), as well as with the attached sensors, through calls to MRAA APIs.

Programmers can access the interfaces for each sensor by including the sensor’s corresponding header file and instantiating the associated sensor class. In the typical use case, a constructor initializes the sensor based on parameters that identify the sensor, the I/O protocol used and the pin location of the sensor.

01 Connection

02 How to use UPM repository

03 How to access Grove - Digital Light Sensor with UPM


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