LinkIt One Rover

35210Published On Jan 31,2010 04:43 AMshare0
Network controlled autonomous rover - Design faseSimple Network Controlled Rover with sensors which is controlled by computer program. I intend to do some Room mapping tests with the ultra sonic sensors & compass.I thought it would be also cool to try to add a solar battery pack which is connected to the Linkit One. Driving around, the rover could detect the optimal spot to charge the battery pack, based on readings from the Digital Light Sensor.I also added a Sound sensor & speaker to allow the rover to make sounds. Seeed Alpha User Magesh is helping me with this project.


Base Shield V2
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LinkIt ONE
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Grove - I2C Motor Driver
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Grove - Digital Light Sensor
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Grove - 3-Axis Digital Compass
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Grove - Speaker
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Grove - Sound Sensor
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Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger
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Mecanum Wheel Kit (2 Left, 2 Right)
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