LinkIt ONE GPS tracker

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This topic is to demonstrate how to build a GPS tracker using LinkIt ONE board. LinkIt ONE is a co-designed product byMediaTek and Seeed Studio, aimed at maker community and wearable / IoT market.

LinkIt ONE contains complete communication ability such as Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and GPRS, I think these are most needed by IoTdevelopers.

This project will show how to upload LinkIt ONE's GPS to MediaTek Cloud Sandboxserver (MCS), you can view this data through web browser or Android app. MCS is the exclusive cloud service for LinkIt ONE. By the Device ID and Device Key, the board can connect to MCS everywhere, not just be constrained in the LAN.

Step 1: LinkIt ONE: front view

Step 2: LinkIt ONE: back view

Step 3: Wifi/ Bluetooth antenna

Step 4: GPS antenna

Step 5: GPRS antenna

Step 6: Rechargeable battery

Step 7: MediaTek Cloud Sandbox

Step 8:


LinkIt ONE
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