LeAirf : Air quality detection necklace

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LeAirf is a wearable necklace air quality detector. It is able to detect temperature and many contaminating gases of low concentrations including CO, alcohol, volatiles of cosmetics, acetone etc. Then visualize the information by changing LED color and on mobile phone through Bluetooth. LeAirf is a combination of fashion & design, physical computing, circuit design, and mobile & server development.The shape of LeAirf is laser cut leaf. It recalls the connection of air and nature. The shape of box has the function of balancing ventilation that go through the necklace, which ensures reliable data read form the sensor.LeAirf connects with mobile phone through Bluetooth Low Enegry. Main circuit components include TP401 air quality sensor (grove aq sensor), RFduino and a RGB Led. We designed our own libraries so as to “fake pair” mobile app through BLE as well as calibrate & adjust sensor data.The mobile app is made with PhoneGap. Server is written in Node and data stored

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8mm RGB Led lamp common Cathode (10 PCs)
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Grove - Air quality sensor v1.3
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