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I am still working on using LEDs in art.  LEDs in the base of the art works change colour and are projected thru acrylic to provide light for the laser engraved art work. The outline is laser cut. I have the laser engraving facilities and will be working on this. In the meantime here is the Sydney Opera House changing its colours. I can link the colours to anything from music to weather to room occupancy. It is an example of interactive and dynamic art. Still early days. I will demo this at the next ozBerry meeting in May. The laser engraved artwork is supplied with an hand held IR remote control This project decodes the IR signals using a Grove IR Receiver and transmits any code back to the base of the art work. The hand held IR controller is emulated in node-red on my PC and this communicates with an Seeduino Lotus Arduino compatible computer.

Get the Hardware ready,

Decode the IR signals from the Hand held IR Remote

Code the IR Controller Program -LEDAIRTX03.ino

node-red PC program


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