IoT based Toxic gas monitoring

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People working in sewers and underground mines or other mining industries often have respiratory disorders due to the type of air present in the working atmosphere. For example, In my country the workers often have to enter manholes or sewers to clean them. The cleaning machines are available but sometimes they fail. Sometime deadly gases like CO or inflammable gases like H2,CH4, LPG may be present. These could be fatal for the person entering such areas.
In such cases where humans have to enter hazardous environment safety comes first.

This system can also be used for monitoring Indoor Air Quality. It is IoT based i.e it is linked to a cloud server where we can see the gas sensor readings.

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Step 1: Implementation using Hardware

Step 2: ADC-Analog to Digital Conversion

Step 3: Using the LinkIt ONE on board ADC

Step 4: Gas sensors: How do they work?

Step 5: Hardware requirements

Step 6: Registering on Ubidots

Step 7: Transmitter

Step 8: Testing


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