IoT Jar Chandelier, Physical Gmail Twitter Facebook

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This is my second instruct about chandelier, which I very favorite and wanted to make it more and more perfect.

I am a full time working with computers, but I don't have much time to check new messages from social networks like Facebook or Twitter and Gmail too. But I want something quickly without wasting time, I have to get my emails immediately when it has to mailbox, or tweet of someone that I follow. Perhaps the smartphone that best meet my request, but I want to made something really unique, made by myself.

EUREKA! This is a notification lamp, which can cause notice with light.

I use glass jars and put inside it some notification icon like Gmail, Twitter bird, Facebook and a few weather icons, and warning gas, fire icons.

Step 1: Intro: Gallery

Step 2: Materials List

Step 3: Power module

Step 4: HC-SR505 Mini PIR Motion Sensor

Step 5: RGB LED shift pwm testing

Step 6: Circuit Diagram and Program for Arduino

Step 7: Making printed circuit

Step 8: LEDs soldering

Step 9: Design Icons and Frame

Step 10: Laser Cut Acrylic

Step 11: Try to position the glass jars

Step 12: Checking the brightness of the 3mm LED

Step 13: Assembling the pieces of Icons

Step 14: Checking the brightness of the Icons

Step 15: Attach the Icon on printed circuit boards of the LE

Step 16: Mounting of printed circuit boards in the cap of gl

Step 17: Last checked

Step 18: Wrap the electrical wire by insulation sleeving pip

Step 19: Attach the glass jar on acrylic frame

Step 20: Intel Edison Getting Started and Checking with grov

Step 21: Programming your Intel Edison

Step 22: Fixed Intel Edison Board and sensors

Step 23: Hang Up the lamp!

Step 24: Enjoy!


Intel® Edison
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