Introducing the Wio Series – a Hardware Solution that Grows

We all know it is no secret thathardware development is difficult and can often be resource intensive. Strongbase components to build a product, such as the processor and communicationchipsets, have to be found, tested, and evaluated to be sure they will bothscale with production and will be in production for the product's lifespan.Then we can begin the long process of development. The core components mustalways work well together and be robust enough to allow numerous peripherals tobe integrated. This is a problem development boards try to address, but don’talways succeed in doing so. To solve this problem Seeed Studio has developedthe Wio series.

Wio stands for Wireless input andoutput, these products are made for projects that have wireless connectedelements such as Bluetooth, LTE, WiFi, LoRa, and more. I would like to stressthat the Wio series is not just development boards -- they will also have coremodules that can be placed on custom designed carrier boards, and Seeed isready to help build completely customized boards, through our Propagate service, based on the series. The purpose of this is simple:Seeed wants to support developers from the early stages of prototyping/proof ofconcept, to a rough version of a product/an engineering sample, and finally toa finished product that is ready for mass production. At Seeed we make hardwaredevelopment and scaling simple.

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