Inside-Outside Weather Station

24103Published On Aug 04,2017 15:52 PMshare3

This project is made by Carmelito Andrade on, shared on #SeeedSummerShare.

This is a great weekend IoT project which uses the BeagleBone Green to display Temperature Humidity inside and outside your home and more..

Here a quick video demo, of the features implement as part of the project.

●Display Temperature and Humidity inside your home using the Grove -Temperature and Humidity sensor -pro version

●Get the Temperature and Humidity of you city to display on Grove LCD using 

●Get Weather conditions to display, so that you can plan what to wear or if you need to carry you umbrella before you head out in the morning.

●Post the temperature and humidity values  to from a data collection endpoint

●Create awesome dashboards using

3D Print the Case for BBG and Sensors

Solder Bread-Boarding Wire to the Grove Connectors

Install Python Library for the Temperature and Humidity sens

Install Python Libraries & get OpenWeathermap API Key

Getting Weather of your City

Complete the Circuit

Run the Python Program on start of BBG

Create Dashboards on



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