Infinity Mirror Clock

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Ever since my addressable RGB LED strips (WS2812B) came from Aliexpress, I've been fascinated with LED projects. Following up on my success with my Charlieplexed LED clock, I wanted to create something with more Jazz..While browsing google images, I came across an instructable for an Arduino Infinity Mirror and the brain cells started working in overdrive. Why shouldn't I make an infinity mirror, that's also a clock !!Features: Works like a clock - the colours of the hands are user-programmable over bluetooth Has an IR sensor to sense if someone is coming near the mirror. Switches off the LEDs, so that this can be used as a normal mirror :-) Shows a rainbow effect every 15 minutes (time is user adjustable) Has a touch button to toggle between clock and rainbow effects Switches to night mode between midnight and 7:00 AM - can be changed in the code. Can be programmed over bluetooth - so you do not need to take it off the wall if you need to update t

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