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    Remote control is almost a standard accessory for most home applications, like TV, air conditioner and so on. Dozens of companies have released many different kinds of IR remote control products. Like airbox from haier.

    Though remote control brings us leisure, when you really need it but have completely no clue where it is, or which one it is, you have every right to be pissed off. To solve the remote clutter, IKEA may tell you to buy a remote storage bag, but believing in a geek spirit as us, we would tell you to stack up a hardware and download an app so that you can integrate all your remote commands into one Android device. Sounds like no bother to track and find the correct remote?

Step 1 Hardware Connection

Step 2 Programming and Test

Step 3 Pair-up

Step 4 Study

Step 5 Try It

Implementation of the software

What is More


Seeeduino V3.0 (Atmega 328P)
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Grove - Base Shield
$8.90 Add To Cart
Grove - Infrared Emitter
$3.90 Add To Cart
Grove - Infrared Receiver
$3.90 Add To Cart
Grove - Serial Bluetooth
$19.90 Add To Cart
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