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IOT pollution monitoring Pi or Arduino?

I am thinking of building a rig for pollution monitoring they have to relativly cheap about £100-£150 per node.I can cut hardware corners slightly as I already have 2 Uno's and 2 PI B+'s

I cant decide on the base rig, Im thinking of using a grove shield on top of either one.

It needs to be able to push data from them back to my computer through wifi or straight to the cloud

What would people recomend for processing the data and how then could i upload it to the webpage for general public to view the results. What would could I use for that?

I would prefer the sensors cheap and accurate but that may not be an option- what would you recomend for capturing the following

carbon monoxide

nitrogen oxide(s)

sulphur dioxide; ozone

Location (GPS coordinates)




noise level

If there are any dev kits more tailored to my needs that would be great

lukemall3ttJun 18,2016 00:22 AMAdd Comment


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