Hugo (or 'U go!)

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LinkIt ONE dog-(wear)able board, activated by remote: track your dog if you miss him, escape or is stolen just with a simple SMS! 

The assembly kit is available on Tindie.com 

Hugo (that's also the dog dressing the LinkIt ONE kit in these images) means 'U go! and is an innovative device to track and rescue your dog if he get lost. 

There are situation when also the most calm and reliable dog can be panicked: in a night storm, hiking in the wood alone then loosing the direction to come back to you, coming crazy for the fireworks and many other. Not last the hunting dogs running for km following their prey; it is not rare that then they can't find the How can we rescue our best-friend pet? 

For more information, please head to the original post by Enrico Miglino.


Road test


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